The chap tells our hero about a place called Solla Sollew. “Where they never have troubles! At least, very few.” Then he invites him to join him. A perennial favorite and a perfect gift for anyone starting a new phase in their life! Dr. Seuss tackles the struggles of everyday life’s—difficult. : I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew (): Dr. Seuss: Note: Available at a lower price from other sellers that may not offer free .

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Published by Random House. Then he is so focused on looking forward that a Quilligan Quail sneaks up behind him and bites his tail! Just when he thinks he has solved his troubles he is attacked from above and below by a Skritz and a Skrink! At that very moment, when he is surrounded by troubles a chap pulls up in solpa One-Wheeler Wubble pulled by a camel.

The chap tells our hero about a place called Solla Sollew. Then he invites him to join him on his travels to Solla Sollew. They climb all night over bumpy rocks. When dawn comes the camel gets sick and they have to pull him up hill to find a doctor. Pretty quickly the Wubble chap hops on the One-Wheeler and our hero has to pull him and the camel along by himself.

I furnish the brains. You furnish the muscles, the rfee and the pains.

When they find the doctor the Wubble chap stays with the camel and tells our hero that he is almost there. When he gets to the bus stop there is a sign that explains that the bus driver ran over four nails and popped all four tires so there is no bus coming.

So, our hero continues on foot. A storm comes and he tries to get some sleep in a small shelter. He floats for twelve days on the remains of the shelter. Luckily, someone throws him a rope and pulls him out of the water, but when he gets to the top of the rope he is confronted by General Genghis Kahn Schmitz. General Schmitz announces that there is a war and he must join the fight.

He is given a pea shooter and thrown into the fray. When he gets into the middle of battle he finds that there is not just one Poozer, but a whole mass of Poozers! The army retreats in defeat, but our hero is left surrounded by Poozers.

I Had Trouble In Getting To Solla Sollew – Slap Happy Larry

They bumped me with bikes and they banged me with dishes. I ran into ladders, Beds, bottles and fishes. I skidded on garbage I fell in a horn.


I wished I had never been born! He finally escapes through a small trap door. He looks around and discovers he is at the beautiful River Wah-Hoo! He has finally made it to Solla Sollew! Welcome to sweet, sunny Solla Sollew, Where we never have troubles. At least very few. As a mater of fact, we have only just one. Just one little trouble, my son. As the doorman tries to put the key in the lock a Key-Slapping Slippard slaps it out of his hand. hxd

So, the City of Solla Sollew has gone to pot! Our hero does some quick thinking and decides to go back home where he solew run into all sorts of troubles…. Now my troubles are going To have troubles with me! He decides to go back and face his troubles head on with a confident smirk on his face.

The art for the last few pages is fantastic. There is a spread with the doorman headed off right to go to the new city and our hero is on the left making a quizzical gettihg.

We see him just thinking. Then the next page is him back at tk, bat in hand, ready to challenge his troubles and rather kn about it! There is a sort of fun little detail in the book. In a much earlier post I mentioned that the fish in a bowl that is famous in The Cat in the Hat actually appears in some earlier books such as If I Ran the Circus.

Well, it also appears in this book!

I Had TROUBLE in getting to SOLLA SOLLEW

It is also the only other object on the page, other than our hero, to be orange. Everything else is greens and purples, so the fish gettiny stands out. Seuss had a difficult time completing this sol,a. He was beginning an affair with the woman that would eventually become his second wife she was married at the time, as well, and had two children.

Helen wrote to a friend at the time:. The newer cover sort of jumps ahead. Instead of showing us the troubles on the road to Solla Sollew, it shows us the arrival at Solla Sollew trouboe the doorman and key. It seems less adventurous, but the strong primary colors definitely grab my attention more than the pastel colors of the original cover. He told me go left.

Then he told me go right. This image has such amazing contrast with the brightly colored trees on a black background. There is no white other than the One-Wheeler which makes the page so much more full.

My eyes want to take it all in at the same time. The cool colors and little moon convey nighttime so well. This is one of my favourite Seuss books, and the one that got me hooked when I was six or seven.


I borrowed it from the school library and never looked back. Solllew now, I get shivers down the spine every time I open this book. Soolew for this posting — this really is my favourite blog in the universe!!

The artwork especially is excellent.

[PDF] FREE I Had Trouble In Getting To Solla Sollew (Turtleback School Library Binding Edition)

The Cal of Cthulhu is so well done! The artwork is absolutely fantastic. Thank you for sharing I found it online. This book moved me incredibly, and I did not read it until I was I keep a photocopy fere the last page on my wall.

I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew – Wikipedia

Paul, I absolutely love that Dr. Seuss can anyone at any age at many different points in our lives. I love this book and the last page always makes me laugh. I wish I could find original artwork, print or poster of some of these pages. I would have them mounted! Todd, it is rather difficult to find original prints oslla Solla Sollew, but you should consider making your own. It could look lovely! Seuss books especially I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Solew were forming my lifetime perspective at least as powerfully and for just as much bad and good as […].

My Favourite Dr Seuss book. Loved his send up of the glorious military campaign that ends in an ignominious retreat. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. At least, very few. When he gets to the gate the doorman shakes his hand and welcomes him. Helen wrote to a friend at the time: Thanks for reading, Jack St. May 5, at 4: May 9, at 1: May 10, at 9: October 24, at 7: March 27, at 3: January 12, at Word Jerk – Perfect Duluth Day says: July 16, at 7: September 30, at 2: December 15, at 3: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: