Disabil Rehabil. May;18(5) Frenchay Aphasia Screening Test: validity and comparability. Enderby P(1), Crow E. Author information: (1)Speech. PDF | Différents groupes de patients, entre autres, des patients qui ont subi un AVC. DESCRIPTION Le test recherche des troubles de la communication dans 4 . PDF | The Frenchay Aphasia Screening Test1 is a reliable test which can be used by non-specialists to discriminate between aphasia and normal language.

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All people post stroke should be screened using a valid and reliable tool that is sensitive to the presence of aphasia. Prompt, accurate identification of aphasia in stroke patients is an essential component of stroke care.

Efficient and effective screening procedures ensure that all patients with aphasia receive appropriate education, support, intervention, and the optimisation of rehabilitation outcomes. Inadequate screening procedures risk missed diagnoses, inappropriate frenchhay management and resultant unnecessary healthcare burden. Aphasia is a common consequence post-stroke therefore all stroke patients require screening for language deficits in the acute post-recovery phase.

Early identification and diagnosis of aphasia are important steps to maximizing rehabilitation gains. A frenchag screening test can be an invaluable tool in the identification and appropriate referral of patients with potential aphasia. Screening practices can be implemented in different ways.

Aphasia screening can be conducted by speech pathology or non-speech pathology staff. Choice of screening procedure will depend upon the demands and requirements of the clinical context. It is important that screening tools meet acceptable criteria of both reliability and validity to be suitable for use in clinical practice.


A good screening tool:. Below is a list and description of aphasia screening tools for non-speech pathologists. Useful in monitoring early aphasic changes in acute stroke patients. Highly predictive of 3 month verbal outcome. Execution of simple and complex orders, repetition, object naming, scoring of dysarthria, verbal aphaska fluency task.

Expression, comprehension, repetition, reading, reproduction of a string of words, writing and free communication. The predictive value of a negative test in this study was considered to be satisfactorily high by the authors. Sensitivity and specificity estimates derived from total MAST score data of left hemisphere and right hemisphere stroke patient results.

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Screening for aphasia Early identification and diagnosis of aphasia are important steps to maximizing rehabilitation gains. Screening by speech pathology staff scgeening ideally, a blanket referral to speech pathology for all acquired brain injuries is in place.

Frenchay Aphasia Screening Test : Questions and Answers for Counsellors and Therapists

Screening by non-speech pathology staff — where a blanket referral is not in place, other health professionals often nursing staff can use a screening tool to identify potential communication deficits in stroke patients.

Patients who display communicative difficulties can be referred to speech pathology for assessment. What makes a good screening tool? A good screening tool: Has high levels of accuracy sensitivity.


The Frenchay Aphasia Screening Test: Scoring Forms : Pamela Enderby :

Highly sensitive valid tools will rarely miss patients who have a language problem. Is reliable or consistent in their results. Both inter-rater and intra-rater reliability estimates are aphadia. Estimates of reliability 0.

Aphasia screening tools Below is a list and description ttest aphasia screening tools for non-speech pathologists. Test is available as appendix at end of journal publication.

Screening tools | Aphasia Pathway

The Language Feenchay Test. Should not be used as a diagnostic tool since it does not discriminate between aphasia, apraxia of speech and dysarthria. The Aphasia Rapid Test: Nil data on reliability of the MAST. Initial validation of the Mississippi aphasia screening test, Brain Injury, 19 9 Bedside screening for aphasia: The Scandinavian Stroke Scale predicts outcome in patients with mild ischemic stroke, Cerebrovasc Dis, 20 Etst measurement of observer agreement for categorical data.

Repeatability of standardized tests of functional impairment and well-being in older people in a rehabilitation setting. Disability and Rehabilitation24, Communication disorders in a hospital elderly population.

Clinical Rehabilitation7, Intraclass correlation coefficient 0. Brief test developed as a bedside assessment to rate aphasia severity in acute stroke patients. Patients are classified into one of four categories no, mild, moderate or severe.