eDocs Home > BEA WebLogic Server Documentation > WebLogic Server Frequently Asked Questions. WebLogic Server Frequently Asked Questions. Awesome Weblogic Interview questions to help you |How to access the Oracle WebLogic Server is J2EE Server (earlier known as BEA. BEA WebLogic Interview Questions and Answers. What is BEA Weblogic? BEA WebLogic is a J2EE application server and also an HTTP web server by BEA.

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There is a possibility for collecting the memory data after enabling GC — verbose. This is the process involving the tuning of work manager, chuck size, performance packs, chunk pool size and connection backlog buffering.

There are various capabilities associated with WebLogic server and they are. What is BEA Weblogic?

Install it under D: Rolling it back multiple times does not cause double counting, nor does an exception that set a transaction as rollbackOnly followed by an actual rollback.

In general, no one else can subscribe to the topic. The byte counts only consider the payload of messages which includes the properties and the body but not the header.

Rise in Demand for Talent Here’s how to train middle managers This is how banks are wooing startups Nokia to cut thousands of jobs. The applets work fine when I run Appletviewer from the NT server, but do auestions work at all from the Windows 95 client.

Answer java -version run this command in linux to know the java version. To benefit from HTTP session state clustering, you must ensure that the session state is persistent, either by configure in-memory replication, file system persistence, or JDBC persistence.

40 Important Weblogic Interview questions

This removal prevents the clients from accessing failed servers. In short, create the topic at the subscriber side and advertise so that others can publish.

This condition creates much complexity associated with the method compared to unicast. What Is A Thread Dump? Web Developer Guide Practice Tests. The major goal of performing the process of clustering is to make high scalability as well as availability of the servers possible.


Message quotas prevent a WebLogic JMS server from filling up with messages and possibly running out of memory, causing unexpected results. For each kind of MDB listening on the topic, the message is delivered exactly once i. Using N sessions for N subscribers gives you concurrency up to N simultaneous threads of execution provided you have as many threads to work with.

The major goal of performing the process of clustering is to make high scalability as well as availability of the servers possible. IIOP is a kind of protocol helpful in enabling srrver communication between WebLogic server web,ogic object request broker. Answer Domain is a group of WebLogic server resources like admin server, managed server, jms,connection pool, data sources etc or whatever the resource you know of WebLogic server.

Optimally designed applications only require the server to have one pool connection per execute thread.

BEA WebLogic Server Interview Questions & Answers

Increase the allocation of Java heap memory for WebLogic Server. If the value you assign to the bound parameter exceeds that length, you will get this error.

The stub also contains the load balancing logic for distributing the load among its host servers. To keep clustering EJBs simple To avoid cross server calls which results in more efficiency.

NET interoperability and supports the bae native integration capabilities: Use the TxDataSource for bean-managed persistence. How to design your resume? A production domain uses full security and may use clusters or other advanced features.

The second option is to establish the necessary objects in ejbActivate.

Top 50 WebLogic Interview Questions & Answers

Stubs perform the process of removing the failed instance from the list whenever there is a failure. If EJBs are not deployed on all servers, cross server calls are much more likely. Answer Basically all the web-tier related files. Topics are serializable or, in our case, externalizablewhich allows you to pass them around in RMI calls, through a file, binding it to a weblgic in JNDI, etc.


The correct way to set up security for JMS is to go to the console, select ACLs in the tree view, then ijterview some access control lists. Call toString on the StringWriter and pass it into message.

When the administration server is unavailable, then the managed server enters into its independence mode for carrying out its operations.

The enhancements comprises of product tunneling, working in the context associated with clusters of WebLogic server and serverr in object replacement. Open resources such as sockets or JDBC connections must be closed whenever the bean is passivated. Werver Is The Managed Server? This is a method of installation that is non-interactive and is usually based on the.

With a server crash, there is no existence for the Java process and if it is a server hang, then the Java process stops responding. No special options are needed. There can only be one administration Server in domain and zero to N Managed Server.

When a bean is about to be passivated, its ejbPassivate method is invoked, alerting the bean instance that it is about to enter the Passivated state. Here is the corrected code: The stub usually makes use of DNS for finding the running server and also for obtaining the list of the instances that are currently available with the application. Infinite Looping in the code. You can get multiple subscribers on the same connection and get concurrent processing using multiple sessions.

List of the instances available with the server inside cluster gets periodically refreshment and allows in acquiring advantages associated with new servers.